Leslie Wolgamott is a naturally compassionate person; one of her greatest joys in life is helping others. Thankfully, she’s able to do this on a pretty consistent basis through mentorship. Ever since she started her own business and subsequently gained her financial independence, Leslie has been able to help other entrepreneurs and dreamers find their true callings in life—and she’s also been able to coach them to find their own financial freedom.

When Leslie was first starting out, she was lucky enough to be mentored and coached by some of the most passionately compassionate leaders she’d ever met in her life. She looks back fondly on those days as the most formative moments in her adult life. Those instances and those people taught her most of what she espouses now as a mentor and a leader herself.

Leslie Wolgamott doesn’t take just anyone on as a mentee. She’s a very selective mentor, and she’s found that the more particular she is about the people she brings on as mentees, the more likely they are to succeed spectacularly. That’s not to say that the people she chooses are already successful—not by a long shot! The people that she mentors are the ones who have an obvious sense of drive; they’re the ones who have open minds and teachable spirits.

As soon as she’s chosen a prospective mentee, she starts working with them to determine their goals and begin working on getting them back on the right track toward success. Leslie is grateful that she has so much time and freedom to be able to devote to the cause of mentorship. Whereas corporate mentorship programs give mentors and mentees very little time to interact and effect real change, Leslie’s entrepreneurship allows her the freedom to be able to spend as much time as she needs with each and every one of her mentees.

Going forward, Leslie hopes that she’s able to continue her mentorship for years to come. She’s excited about the prospect of getting to know and work with young people who have fires in their hearts and big dreams in their minds.

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