Leslie Wolgamott has been debt-free and financially independent since the early 1990’s. It took her roughly four years from the moment she hit the ground running until she was able to be completely financially free. The unique freedom she earned through her hard work allowed her to be able to live a life unlike any life she’d even dreamed about living.

For Leslie, freedom means not just being able to pay for everything upfront with cash, but, more importantly, it also means being able to spend her time the way she wants to. She’s not adherent to anyone else’s schedule or expectations, and because she’s so free, she gets to choose to spend as much quality time as she wants with her husband, her four children, and her two stepchildren. She adores them all, and she’s so happy that she has the freedom to be so involved in their lives.

In addition to giving her the ample time to spend with her husband and kids, Leslie’s freedom also gives her the opportunity to travel the world—and travel it in style. She and her family have taken dozens of extravagant trips all over the world together over the years, and they continue to explore new countries and new parts of the U.S. to this day. One of their favorite destinations to travel to as a family would have to be Hawaii. Since they live in Seattle, Washington, Hawaii is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from their house, they travel to the breathtaking islands at least once a year and stay for anywhere from a week to a month at a time.

Speaking of their home in Seattle, Leslie and her husband, Jeff, own a gorgeous property in the heart of the awe-inspiring Pacific Northwest. Leslie’s financial freedom has enabled them to build their dream home in the midst of some of the most stunning views in Seattle. More than the views, though, Leslie loves that she’s able to host all of her friends and family in her beautiful home whenever she wants.

At the end of the day, Leslie’s freedom is not just financial freedom; it’s the freedom to live an unbelievable life with her family and friends.

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