Leslie Wolgamott values her faith and her family above all else. She has four kids: Braden, Nolan, Halle, and Malia. Her husband, Jeff, has two kids from a previous marriage: a daughter named Elyse and a son named Dash. They’re all a tightly-knit family unit, in spite of the fact that Dash lives a little ways away in Sun Valley. Luckily, Elyse lives nearby and is able to spend ample time with the rest of the crew. Regardless of distance, Leslie’s family stays close in spirit.

As far as her immediate family not including her husband and children goes, Leslie has two sisters and one brother. All of her siblings live relatively close. They’re all scattered throughout the greater western Washington area.

When it comes to her parents, Leslie is incredibly close with her mother, who also lives in the area. Her mother is in her eighties, but she’s still as lively and sharp as ever. Unfortunately, her father passed away in 2009. She misses him greatly, but she’s thankful for the quality time she was able to spend with him while he was alive.

One of the most meaningful ways that Leslie gets to spend time with her kids and her family is by traveling all over the world with them. She and her husband and their kids have spent weeks at a time around Christmas in Wailea, Maui in Hawaii. They love to go on long trips together as a family, and Leslie’s especially happy when her daughters get to tag along for the adventure. When they’re not living it up in Hawaii or any other number of exotic destinations, they can be found at their gorgeous home right on Lake Washington.

Leslie says of her family’s home, “During the summers, it’s really hard to beat living on a beautiful lake in the great Pacific Northwest.”

As a couple, Leslie and Jeff also travel a good bit. Their motivational speaking takes them out of town on a monthly basis all over the U.S. and in parts of Canada. They also have the opportunity to travel far and wide as a part of their business to destinations like Australia, Singapore, Germany, Scotland, and Italy.

Even though they travel extensively, Leslie and Jeff always make it a priority to keep their family in the forefront of every decision—and it’s worked out for them pretty well! They get to spend as much quality time with their family as they want, and their family gets to be an important part of their lives and their business.

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