When it comes to spending time with her family and getting out into nature, there are few things that Leslie Wolgamott enjoys more than heading out on her 30-foot Cobalt boat for a long afternoon.

She and her family live right on Lake Washington, in the heart of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. The views from their living room alone are spectacular enough to be featured in a magazine, but the most breathtaking vistas can be enjoyed from right on the water in their boat. When the sun is setting over the mountains, there’s really nothing more enjoyable than sitting back on the boat, observing the unparalleled sunsets of the great Pacific Northwest.

Their boating isn’t all just about soaking up the stellar views, though. More than anything, Leslie and her family love to participate in watersports together. The kids especially love to go wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. During the summer, there’s not a single day that they don’t try to go out on the boat at least once. Whether they’re just swimming or taking part in extreme watersports, Leslie and her family really know how to have fun on Lake Washington.

Because they all share an adventurous spirit and a love of the Pacific Northwest, they all love to go up to the San Juan Islands, which are more dense and rich in their diverse wildlife. These day trips to different islands serve as an explorational escape from their already exciting lives, and they treasure every moment they get to spend boating up around the islands.

This upcoming summer, Leslie plans to add a great deal more excitement to the summertime lake activities by adding new WaveRunners to their list of water-related activities. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy summer, packed with adventure—and tons of time spent out on the glassy waters of Lake Washington.

For all of the free time that she gets to spend with her kids and her husband out on the lake, boating, swimming, and enjoying the remarkable sunsets, Leslie Wolgamott feels uniquely blessed. She knows that it’s a combination of hard work, positive association, mentoring, and faith that have led her to be able to live such a rich, exciting, and fulfilling life. When she’s not coaching, mentoring, and changing people’s lives, you can bet she’ll be out on the water living hers to the fullest.

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