Foolproof Your Way To Success By Breaking These Habits & Mindsets

The vision of triumph gives many of us the strength to go on even when difficulties arise. Sometimes though, your goals remain unreachable despite your best efforts and countless struggles. Failures should not be feared because mistakes offer many opportunities for growth and learning. However, if defeats and disappointments start to dominate your life, then it is probably time to start asking yourself why it keeps on happening.

One simple way to achieve your dreams is by emulating the behaviors of successful people that you admire. By observing their ways, you may see the commendable habits and mindsets that set them apart from the rest. Take time to stop a while and examine if your own actions and thinking differ from those of the achievers. Chances are, you may be guilty of the following:

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

The most successful people have a clear perception of what they want to achieve and how to do it; allowing them to set targets that are not too low or too ambitious. Achievers build a path to success and minimize the risk of failures by devoting time to planning and researching prior to goal-setting. On the contrary, those who often fail probably miscalculate the potential of reaching a goal because they ignore the need to invest time into studying their strategies before the actual venture.

Dwelling on Self-Pity and Self-Doubt

Mistakes are an essential part of any learning process so everyone will likely experience a downfall at some point. Strong people acknowledge their emotions by allowing themselves to feel bitter after a loss but they do not dwell on the negative emotions for too long. They do not allow failures to destroy their focus and crush their confidence as well. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to prove to everyone that they can rise above the challenges.

Expecting Things To Be Easy

Achievers know that all great things are worth the wait and effort so the moment they set their eyes on a dream, they also start to prepare for grueling and backbreaking work. If you want success, being hardworking and patient will surely help you reach your targets.

Keep On Making Excuses

Immature people choose to deal with failures by pointing the blame to various factors except themselves. Instead of owning up their wrong moves, they try to heal their wounded egos by making excuses to cover up their shortcomings. This practice is surely a no-no if you want to achieve anything great in life. Stop thinking that you are a victim of realities surrounding you. Instead, learn to be flexible and adjust to realities that are sometimes uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Do Not Take Risks

Successful men and women avoid failures by exercising caution. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they do not have the courage to explore uncharted territories. If you do not have the courage to take risks, you will find it hard to stay competitive and will likely succumb to mediocrity.

Stops After Achieving Success

Success is a continuous journey so it is wrong to stop aiming for more excellence after meeting targets. Highly-successful individuals take care of their accomplishments by consistently finding ways to further improve in their field. Overconfidence may encourage lax behavior that may lead to failure in the end.

There are many other possible reasons that explain why others fail while others succeed. But a quick look at the reasons above reveals the importance of having the right attitude. So work on improving your character and success may chase you everywhere you go.

Leslie WolgamottFoolproof Your Way To Success By Breaking These Habits & Mindsets
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How to Take Back Your Time

In recent years, society has gotten the idea that overworking, jam-packed schedules, and zero work-life balance should be the norm and acceptable. However, many studies actually challenge that notion and suggest that a lifestyle revolving around those habits can negatively affect our health, families, relationships, communities, and even your work performance. The truth is, the most beneficial and successful lifestyle is all about an effective work-life balance. If you fall into the overworked category, don’t worry, you are not alone. It is time to take back your time, your freedom and regain control of your life instead of allowing your calendar to control you.

Here are five steps to take back your time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Taking control of your time begins with effective time management. Start by evaluating your current performance and activity. Are you accomplishing everything you want or need to be doing every day? Are your days busy with activity, or are you productive with your activity? There is a difference. Those who are productive are the ones who get things done and have control of their time each day. To maximize your daily productivity, begin with prioritizing what is urgent from what is important, then schedule yourself a window of time to get the urgent tasks done. If you do that and maintain a positive mindset about what you can get accomplished, you will take back your time within the workday with ease.

Be Mindful of How You Spend Down Time

Everyone needs downtime to just veg, some like it more than others. But, a positive work-life balance does not mean working from 9 am to 6 pm and then laying on the couch from 6 pm to bedtime. Instead, make a game plan for your time after you are done with the workday. Clearly identify two to three things that you want to get accomplished once you are home. This can include a productive task like cleaning the kitchen or a relaxing one such as enjoying a glass of wine with your spouse. If your post-work game plan does include a break or down time on the couch, set a time limit for yourself and stick to it. The key is to avoid wasting time, and instead spend it on personal tasks that will help to better your peace of mind.

Overhaul Your Time-Sucking Habits

E-mail, the telephone, social media, text messages, surfing the web, all of these actions can take over and consume all of our time. It is important to manage these time-sucking habits in order to effectively manage your daily schedule and time. Many of us begin each work-day with one of the time-suckers. Instead of getting caught up in a mess of emails, or lost in voicemails, start your day by accomplishing a task. If you can do this, you will do more than most people do during an entire day. Emails and messages, etc. are still important to take care of, just not first thing. Schedule yourself 2-3 windows dedicated solely to responding to emails or follow up phone calls. Respond with direct, and clear communication in order to decrease unnecessary follow-ups and time spent on more emails. When at home, we fall victim to different time-suckers like social media and text messages. Instead of spending your evenings with your cell phone, unplug from the digital world, and enjoy the company of your family or doing something for yourself.

Learn to Say No

One of the hardest things for many people to do is to say no to something. However, it is also one of the most important skills to be able to do. If you are in control of your time, then you know what is on your plate and how much more you can take on. By accepting new projects and responsivities when your list is already full it will only set you back even further. Be honest with how much you can take on, and say no when you need to. If you decide to decline, do so in a direct, polite, and prompt manner. By avoiding over-commitment, it allows you to be productive, get things accomplished and manage your time both in and out of work.

Take Time for You

In order to get your freedom back, it is suggested that the way we should spend our time is for productive work, and the enjoyment of life. Work-life balance isn’t fully balanced without doing the things you want to do. From meditation, to shopping, or being active outside, taking time for YOU is a critical piece of the puzzle. You-time can be scheduled over the weekend or evening and can also span multiple days by taking that much-needed vacation you’ve been thinking about. Studies actually show that vacations decrease the likelihood of heart attacks and depression in both men and women. Regardless of your length of time or activity, you-time is important to get your mindset right, and to even out the stresses that come with daily work.

Taking back your time is vital for both professional and personal success. It is also a gradual process that doesn’t just happen overnight. With the commitment to regaining that control and balance in your life and being consistent in your actions, you can reach the ultimate lifestyle.

Leslie WolgamottHow to Take Back Your Time
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Why You Should Make Boating a Family Affair Year Round

Living right on Lake Washington in Seattle means there’s plenty of opportunities to spend ample time on the water. Of all the things there are to love about boating, the main reason I enjoy it so much is the quality time spent with family. There’s nothing better than enjoying time together on the water and getting a little Vitamin D. For those of you who haven’t incorporated boating into your family time, here are just a few reasons why boating is great for both you and your family.

Quality Family Bonding Time

Boating is an activity the whole family can enjoy and look forward to. It lends itself to a variety of activities that guarantee there will be something for every member of your family. From water sports like wakeboarding and waterskiing to land-based activities like docking at the San Juan Islands for group exploration, the possibilities are endless. With boating you can take a quick day trip to a nearby beach or fill an entire summer packed with boating adventure. Nothing creates family tradition and memories like spending time together under the sun and in nature.

Disconnect and Create Legacy

Aside from the fun and relaxation, boating also presents a great opportunity to disconnect, leave devices at home and spend more time making memories and creating learning experiences. Help your children learn about boating values by teaching them about the importance of quality family time, fresh air, boating skills and water safety. These are skills that can be passed down from generation to generation, allowing your children to reminisce on their childhood days spent on the water with family.

Work-Life Balance

Sometimes we all just need a break from work, school, commitments and errands. It’s easy to put ourselves on autopilot and grind through the work week without creating time for rest. Achieving balance can be even more difficult when you have a family. But making time to rest and recharge teaches our families the importance of balance. Our children also have their own share of unique stressors that can come from time spent at school. Even just one day of boating and being out on the water can be all your family needs to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

With boating, there’s no shortage of fun and memories to be made with your family. Not only are there a variety of activities you can do together from water to land, but it can also one of the most memorable ways to spend time together. Sometimes all you need is time to unwind and get back to basics with nature. Sharing your passion of boating is a great avenue to creating legacy with your family.

Leslie WolgamottWhy You Should Make Boating a Family Affair Year Round
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3 Things to Do to Give Your Life More Meaning

It’s that time of year again to make your resolutions––to promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to become a better version of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with setting goals and raising your standards for yourself. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do to become the best person you can be. But instead of committing yourself to a lofty resolution that will fizzle out before mid-march, make this year the year you decide to live your life with a clearer direction and a purpose behind everything you do. Here are 3 things you should do to give your life more meaning.

Surround yourself with good people

First and foremost, populate your life with good examples, positive influences, and people who remind you of what your passions are. It’s been said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so why not spend time with people who make you the best version of yourself? In doing so, you will share similar passions, dreams, and life visions with the people in your life, and you

Do what you love

Make sure you spend the next 12 months, and all of the months after that, devoted solely to pursuing whatever it is that makes you come alive. The best way to improve the world is to chase after whatever you’re passionate about. Love sports? Find a way to unite a community through a ball game. Love animals? Bring people together to help the animals in your area. Love kids? Give a voice and empower the children that need to be heard. Whatever you do, find meaning in every moment and fill your life with moments that remind you of the sweetness of life.

Follow your dreams

Most importantly, make this year the year you chase after your dreams fearlessly and relentlessly––because that’s really the only way to make them come true after all. Stop putting your dreams on the back burner and make them a priority every single day. Keep the vision for your life alive by making your dreams become your reality.

A meaningful life is a life well-lived. Follow these 3 steps to make sure 2018 is the year you give your life more meaning.


Leslie Wolgamott3 Things to Do to Give Your Life More Meaning
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3 Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer This Season

If you’ve already turned your holiday playlist on and decked your house with balls of holly, then you’re right on track for getting into the holiday spirit. And while singing along to Christmas carols and decorating your house with lights and wreaths and greenery galore is no doubt propel you right into the holidays, it’s important to remember the reason for the season. This year make an extra effort to include the needs of others in your pursuit of spreading holiday cheer. Here are 3 easy ways for you and your family to make sure you spread holiday cheer with the people who need it most.

Reach out to those you’ve lost touch with

The holidays are time for family gatherings, long evenings spent with loved ones, and holiday celebrations with close friends. But what about those people who you were once close, but somewhere along the way, you lost touch with? Well, there’s no better time than the holidays to extend your hand, reach out, and catch up with the people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Remember that you never know what is going on someone else’s life, and a simple phone call could turn their entire day around. Plus, nothing says happy holidays like a phone call from an old friend.

Volunteer your time, money, and resources

Embrace the spirit of giving, and make an effort to give back this holiday season. Being generous with your heart and your resources is essential all year long, but especially during the holidays. And the options are endless this time of year. Donate blood to help save a life, drop off blankets at a homeless shelter, serve at a soup kitchen, or bring a box of toys to a children’s hospital. Just get out there and give back to your community.

Remember your neighbor

Don’t forget about the people you see on a daily basis. If you’re running to the grocery store, ask a friend if there is anything they need. After you finish shoveling your driveway, shovel your neighbor’s. Or bake some holiday treats, and drop them off for a friend who may need a pick me up this season.

In between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, make sure to spread holiday cheer in a way that truly matters.

Leslie Wolgamott3 Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer This Season
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7 Things Every Healthy Marriage Needs

Marriage is one of the sweetest things in life. But it’s not always butterfly stomachs and love songs. Marriage can be difficult and trying at times. It takes a strong marriage and boundless love to survive the tough moments to make it all worthwhile. Here are 7 things every healthy and happy marriage needs.


First and foremost, your spouse should be your partner in crime, your teammate, and your best friend. Couples that have a strong friendship are connected deeper on an emotional level, and this friendship becomes the core of the marriage. In fact, the strongest marriages are those built on a foundation of friendship.

Selfless sacrifice

With marriage, comes sacrifice. It’s just the way life works. The key to a healthy marriage is to make these sacrifices without expectation of these them being returned. That is true love.

Stellar Communication

Without communication, any marriage is doomed for failure. Make sure you and your spouse have a healthy and effective system of communication, so the two of you can feel supported and comfortable when discussing the small and the big things in life.

Tiny Gestures

Strong and healthy couples know from experience that small acts of kindness go a long way. Anything from making your spouse a cup of coffee in the morning to leaving notes on the bathroom mirror are the kind of small gestures that start mean a whole lot.


Although marriage heavily depends on how the two of you work together and love one another, a healthy marriage also allows the freedom for you to be your own person and supports your pursuit to chase your own dreams.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect of each other’s time, wants, and dreams is necessary if you want your marriage to grow and thrive. It’s important to respect the other person in every way at all times to build a solid foundation of trust and support.

Good Memories

What would a happy and healthy marriage be without good memories to share, laugh about, and reminisce on later? The happiest couples know that the best part of marriage is getting the chance to do life together.

So maybe marriage isn’t smooth-sailing 100% of the time, but if you work on incorporating more of these 7 things into your marriage, you can be confident that your marriage will be the happiest, healthiest, and strongest it has ever been.

Leslie Wolgamott7 Things Every Healthy Marriage Needs
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3 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Mentorship

Like all relationships in life, a healthy mentorship requires ongoing attention and effort on both sides in order for it to remain relevant, constructive, and beneficial. Overtime, all relationships change and develop with time and circumstance, and it takes extra effort to make sure the relationship stays healthy. When it comes to mentorship, if the relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust and respect, the changing dynamics should come naturally. But in order for this change to occur in the most effective way possible, you must keep a few things in mind. Read on to discover 3 keys to maintaining a healthy mentorship.

Communication is a must

No relationship is ever successful without the art of communication. It is nearly impossible to reach your goals without communicating with others you depend on along the way. Share your objectives, your state of mind, and the events in your life that affect both your objectives and state of mind. Share whatever you can with the other person to offer the most wholesome understanding of yourself and your goals,  so they can offer you the most complete and effective guidance.

Always avoid comparisons

Likely, when relationships are changing, it’s because major changes are occurring in one, if not both, of the lives of the parties involved. At times, it may seem natural to compare the other person’s experience to your own. But it’s important to avoid comparison at all costs. Instead of comparing someone else’s situation to your own, acknowledge that their experience is likely different from your own, and then explain to them what worked for you and what didn’t. In doing so, you give the other person a sense of validation, while also offering helpful information.

Understand that any relationship is fluid

Every mentorship is different, and there are valuable lessons learned through each one. So remember that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to mentorship. Mentorship is not when one person teaches another a skill or tells them what to do. Instead, mentorship is when two people build a foundation of trust that allows them to take away valuable lessons from their interactions together. So while there maybe a defined mentor and mentee, this does not mean there are set rules to follow. Learn from each other whenever possible and embrace the fluidity of mentorship.

Remember these three keys to maintaining a healthy mentorship, and watch the relationship you have built thrive.

Leslie Wolgamott3 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Mentorship
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3 Easy Tips to Invest in Yourself

Whether it’s making sure you drink enough water throughout the day or taking the time to learn a new skill, consistently investing in yourself is one of the best ways to ensure productivity when it comes to your business. Think about it. The more time and effort you take to better yourself as a person, whether it’s personally or professionally, the more prepared you will be tackle each day. Investing in yourself and your talents sends a message to the world that you are aware of your own potential, and you are willing to put in whatever it takes to see results. Check out these three easy tips to invest in yourself, so you can make the most of yourself and your productivity.

3 Easy Tips to Invest in Yourself

Set attainable goals

The first step to investing in yourself is taking the time to know yourself and your limits. Putting effort into outlining your goals makes it so much easier to achieve them. Be honest with yourself and make a game plan. Don’t over-commit yourself to attending lunch and learns once a week when your business is just starting to take off. However, if you find yourself running through a bit of an inspirational dry spell, by all means take the time to attend networking events and workshopping seminars to invest in your ideas and reignite your flame.  

Educate yourself

Educate yourself as much and as often as you can. Learn about what others are doing in your specialized field by reading informational books or staying connected with online groups. Learn your strengths and your weaknesses and work on both. For example, if you are great at communicating, keep up to date with the latest news in the world of communication. Find a trusted mentor to coach you through your weaknesses and learn from their advice. Do whatever you can to be informed all the time.

Don’t wait

The biggest mistake people always make in reaching their full potential is waiting around for the “right” time to invest in themselves. It is always the perfect time to work on yourself and your goals. Make a rule to stop making excuses, so you don’t store your fuel for later. Now’s as good a time as any to achieve your dreams.

Invest in yourself a little bit today, so you can make the most of your future. Follow these easy three easy tips to make it happen!

Leslie Wolgamott3 Easy Tips to Invest in Yourself
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To the Parents of a Newly Blended Family: 3 Reasons Why Your Family Rocks

Blended families sometimes get a bad rep out there. There’s advice all over the internet about how to overcome the challenges that are common in blended family life, or how to deal with the mess, complications, and exhaustion that comes with raising a blended family. But no one ever writes about how sweet it all is. Yes, raising a blended family is difficult. There are challenges to overcome every single day. But if it was easy, how would you know it was worth it?

Raising a blended family truly comes with a ton of hardships, but read on to find out the even greater joys.

There is never a dull moment

While most larger families live days full of noise, excitement, and chaos, blended families truly take this to the next level––in the most entertaining way possible. When you take two families, both with different aged kids, and put them under one roof, you’re bound for some controversy and definitely some added entertainment to everyday life. Sure, you will inevitably have to mediate arguments and tension, but when it’s all over there’s nothing to do except look back on all of the chaos with laughter and joy. Eventually all of these moments will become worth it, and your family will be closer because of it.

Your kids have more than two examples to learn from

If a blended family means one thing, it’s that everyone’s constantly learning from each other. It’s simple math, really. More family members equals more examples to watch and learn from. Your kids have the opportunity to gain other role models and influences in their life, and they will likely become much more dynamic, well-rounded, and independent men and women as a result. Not to mention, you and your spouse have the chance to experience and learn from a different family’s traditions and way of life. Essentially, establishing a blended family sets you up for a lifetime of learning from each other.

You get to establish a new blended family life together

More than anything, navigating the ups and downs of a blended family life paves the way for new family traditions and allows you to make memories together. At first, the collision of families may come as a shock with multiple breakdowns along the way. But once you’ve established rules and settle into your own version of normalcy, you have the chance to create traditions and your unique definition of family that is unlike any other. At the end of the day, you really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Among all the hardships and ruckus that is commonplace in blended families, you’ll truly find some of life’s sweetest moments––like when you overhear all of your kids laughing in another room or watching your spouse effortlessly bond with your children. That’s what makes it all worth it because, after all, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Leslie WolgamottTo the Parents of a Newly Blended Family: 3 Reasons Why Your Family Rocks
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3 Ways To Celebrate The Fourth

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, there are lots of ways you can show your patriotism and celebrate everything USA. With all the options, it can be hard to decide exactly what you should do. If you’re at a loss for what to do on the Fourth, but want to plan something easy and fun with your family and friends, read these fun 3 ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.

These 3 ways to celebrate the Fourth of July are guaranteed to get you in patriotic spirits.

Coordinate a Block Party

There’s nothing quite like gathering all of your family and friends to enjoy good food and amazing company. Coordinate with your friends and neighbors to amp up your typical backyard BBQ and throw a full on cook-out block party in your backyard or neighborhood.

If you’re worried about hosting the day’s holiday festivities, a block party is a great way to divvy up the responsibilities. To make coordinating easier, start up a google doc where people can list what they are contributing so you don’t end up with a hundred buns and six hot dogs. Add some American classics to your music playlist to really kick festivities up a notch and keep people entertained. Lastly, what would a block party be without red, white, and blue decorations and balloons?

Watch Fireworks

As a long-held Fourth of July tradition, watching fireworks is a great way to join in on holiday festivities, and is entertaining for both children and adults. As the Fourth of July begins to come to a close, fireworks are an inspiring way to wrap up all the festivities of the day. Sometimes, the local fireworks site even has all-day activities planned like concerts, inflatables, and food vendors to keep you busy while waiting for the firework show. You can usually check your local city’s website to find out where fireworks will be held for the evening, or even stock up on some of your own to set off and be the life of the neighborhood. Just be sure to check your local city ordinances first for rules about personal fireworks.

Camp In A National Park

Going off the grid and taking in the natural beauty of a national park is a great way to appreciate all that our country has to offer. National parks have so much intrinsic value and are sure to inspire you with their untouched beauty. When camping in a national park, you catch a small glimpse into America’s history and how people used to live, which puts your life into perspective in turn. National parks also help educate you on conservation and the natural wonders of our land, so you can live more sustainably. After all, being outside is the epitome of freedom! Stay close to home to visit a local National Park, or visit one of the famous ones like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

Leslie Wolgamott3 Ways To Celebrate The Fourth
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