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Want to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out? Use These 3 Tips

by | Freedom

If you’ve endured a lengthy job search and are at your wit’s end, it may be time to refresh your cover letter. A cover letter is your best opportunity to add context and singularity to your application. Therefore, it should be customized and crafted carefully. You’ll want to transform your run-of-the-mill cover letter into an enticing introduction that stands apart from the competition. Here are three-pointers to make your cover letter stand out.

Use Keywords

Many companies struggle with the time-consuming process of narrowing their pool of candidates. To score an interview, you’ll first need to ensure you can make it past any automated filters your future employer may use. Corporations often utilize software that reads cover letters and resumes in order to categorize applicants based on keyword parameters set by hiring managers. To make your cover letter worthy, read the job posting thoroughly to identify any reiterated skills or qualities. Make sure to emphasize those words and phrases throughout your cover letter. Hitting the mark on keywords is a major first step toward increasing your chances of having your applicant profile given to a human recruiter or hiring manager. 

Incorporate Your Personality

An average cover letter is not going to make you different from the other applicants. Hiring managers are responsible for reviewing hundreds of applicants and many of them sound the same. Being noticeable and memorable will keep you top of mind. One way to accomplish this is to be yourself. Oftentimes cover letters sound generic and overly formal. Write your cover letter as if you are speaking face-to-face with the hiring manager. You can tell a story that ties to an accomplishment related to the job’s responsibilities, or even use some humor. A cover letter with a more natural tone will stand out against the copy and paste letters that usually are submitted. 

Do Research

You have implemented keywords and used your personality to illustrate that you’re relatable. Now it’s time to do some research to show that you’re knowledgeable about the organization. Impress the hiring manager with facts related to the company. Learn what you can about their daily operations, major competitors, or recent accomplishments and mention it in your cover letter. If there is a way to connect it back to you, do so. Following these steps will show your willingness to go above and beyond to make your mark. 

Personalizing your cover letter is the best way to get the attention you deserve. The application process is highly competitive, so you shouldn’t cut any corners if you want to secure the position. Use these three cover letter tips to prove that you will be an invaluable asset that your future employer needs on staff. 



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