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How to Keep Your Boat in Great Condition

by | Boating

While boats add a wealth of fun and enjoyment to your life, they also come with maintenance needs and responsibilities. When you’re not on the water chasing adventure, it’s important to be intentional about your boat’s upkeep. There are countless ways to keep your boat in great condition, here are three simple tips to help you get started. 

The Exterior

One of the easiest steps to ensure your boat’s long-term condition is to wash it regularly. By washing your boat, you guarantee that its exterior elements will stay in incredible shape. Regular cleanings also combat the corrosion that may build on the metal portions of the exterior. You can also use a variety of waxes and polishes to further protect the paint and deck of your watercraft. Concerning the metal components, keep them glistening with cleaners and sealants that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your boat. Lastly, remember to establish a steady cleaning routine after every trip.

The Engine

Prolonging the life of your engine helps guarantee you’ll have more worry-free days on the water. Just as your car or truck needs regular oil changes, so does your water cruiser. Depending on the type of engine you have, the required frequency of maintenance may vary. To keep your engine running smoothly, stay on top of your fuel filters, gear lube and oil changes. If you feel uncomfortable rummaging under the hood yourself, don’t be afraid to call a professional. 

Simple Checks

Although boat mechanics can be complex, there are plenty of simple checks you can complete without needing technical expertise. From checking the engine room to be sure it is sealing out water to scanning and clean inspection bowls, you can do a number of inspections and preventative maintenance by yourself. Review this list of common boat checks for more items to consider.

Although maintenance isn’t as fun as spending time cruising the sea, routine upkeep will minimize preventable issues and help you retain value. Show pride in ownership by executing these three tips and breathe easy knowing that your boat is in great condition. 



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