Why You Should Make Boating a Family Affair Year Round

Living right on Lake Washington in Seattle means there’s plenty of opportunities to spend ample time on the water. Of all the things there are to love about boating, the main reason I enjoy it so much is the quality time spent with family. There’s nothing better than enjoying time together on the water and getting a little Vitamin D. For those of you who haven’t incorporated boating into your family time, here are just a few reasons why boating is great for both you and your family.

Quality Family Bonding Time

Boating is an activity the whole family can enjoy and look forward to. It lends itself to a variety of activities that guarantee there will be something for every member of your family. From water sports like wakeboarding and waterskiing to land-based activities like docking at the San Juan Islands for group exploration, the possibilities are endless. With boating you can take a quick day trip to a nearby beach or fill an entire summer packed with boating adventure. Nothing creates family tradition and memories like spending time together under the sun and in nature.

Disconnect and Create Legacy

Aside from the fun and relaxation, boating also presents a great opportunity to disconnect, leave devices at home and spend more time making memories and creating learning experiences. Help your children learn about boating values by teaching them about the importance of quality family time, fresh air, boating skills and water safety. These are skills that can be passed down from generation to generation, allowing your children to reminisce on their childhood days spent on the water with family.

Work-Life Balance

Sometimes we all just need a break from work, school, commitments and errands. It’s easy to put ourselves on autopilot and grind through the work week without creating time for rest. Achieving balance can be even more difficult when you have a family. But making time to rest and recharge teaches our families the importance of balance. Our children also have their own share of unique stressors that can come from time spent at school. Even just one day of boating and being out on the water can be all your family needs to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

With boating, there’s no shortage of fun and memories to be made with your family. Not only are there a variety of activities you can do together from water to land, but it can also one of the most memorable ways to spend time together. Sometimes all you need is time to unwind and get back to basics with nature. Sharing your passion of boating is a great avenue to creating legacy with your family.

Leslie WolgamottWhy You Should Make Boating a Family Affair Year Round
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4 Ways Boating is Good for Your Soul

Spending hours out on the water is arguably one of the most effective ways to feed the soul. Sitting on a boat, letting the waves rock you back and forth, and gazing out at the open water is no doubt one of the most breathtaking experiences we can have as explorers, and as humans. But, just how exactly does boating affect your soul? Why is the experience so relaxing and addicting?

Read on to discover four ways boating is good for your soul.

Boating removes you from reality and renews your mind

In a world full of busy work schedules, back-to-back meetings and appointments, buzzing cell phones, long commutes, and full calendars, it can be hard, or nearly impossible, to find a chance to relax and spend time doing something simply because you enjoy doing it. Boating invites you to embrace your adventures on the water with a clear mind and encourages you to enjoy your time alone or with others. It removes you from the reality and demands of your everyday life and forces you to solely focus on the here and now leaving you with a renewed spirit once you return to land.

Boating fosters bonds and relationships

Since the distractions of your everyday life are removed when you’re out on the water, building relationships and making lasting memories with family and friends is pretty much effortless. Whether you’re talking about everything that comes to mind or just watching the sunset in silence, boating trips create bonding experiences that you will remember for years to come.

Each time is a new learning experience

Each time you set sail and embark on a new adventure is a new opportunity to learn and master your boating skills. It’s important to maintain a teachable spirit on the water because each trip is unlike the last. You never know what will come your way. The more you work on your skills, the more confident you’ll be the next time you set out.

Boating expands your experience of the world

Boating provides you with a source of endless adventure because it takes you out to actually see the world and experience new places. But, it also does so much more for your soul than that. It is one of the most unique ways to expand your awareness of the world around you by removing yourself from the worries of reality.

Next time you get the opportunity to hit the water on a boat, make sure you relax, clear your mind and enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of you!

Leslie Wolgamott4 Ways Boating is Good for Your Soul
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Top 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boating

Boating is about so much more than hitting the water in a buoyant vessel—it’s more than just water and waves meeting aluminum and fiberglass. Whether you’re powering through the surf in a roaring speedboat or soaking in all that nature has to offer you in a down-to-earth kayak, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about yourself.

And that’s just one of the many reasons to fall in love with boating.

Boating Allows You to Escape the Ordinary

There’s nothing ordinary about being able to defy gravity. When you’re floating out in the middle of the lake, you can escape reality—even if only for just a moment. There’s no other feeling quite like it; it’s like being able to fly.

Boating doesn’t have to try too hard to make you fall in love with it. Moments like that, where you could swear you were transcending time and space, they’re enough to convince you to keep coming back.

Boating is Good for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

It’s a well-known fact that vitamin D is a vital nutrient—and one that you get by going outside and soaking up the sun. Of course, you should always make sure you’ve slathered on at least SPF 30 before spending time in the sun. Still, the benefits of spending time outside are undeniable. Exercise in the form of canoeing, wakeboarding, or waterskiing combines a great workout with great fun, thereby feeding your body and your soul at once.

Boating also forces your mind to stretch to new proportions. To be a great sailor, you have to be able to calculate the speed and direction of the wind; to be a captain, you have to have your wits about you at all times.

If you’re a fan of self-improvement, then falling in love with boating should be a no-brainer.

Boating Strengthens Relationships and Fosters Fun

When you’re out on the water, there’s no need for social media; your social network is sitting all around you, strapped into life jackets. If you’ve been craving that connection with your kids or your spouse that you just can’t seem to find on land, try boating.

Fall in love with boating, and you’ll inevitably grow closer with your family. Boating is the ultimate family activity, and because you’re surrounded by water, feel free to banish technology to the shore.

It’s way more fun to live in the moment anyway!

Leslie WolgamottTop 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boating
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