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3 Small Joys Every Parent Knows Well

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There’s no doubt about it: being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Conversely, it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. When you’re a parent, you’re basically a superhero (even if your cape is actually just your kid draping himself around your neck). So, what are the rewards for all of the extraordinary feats that parents accomplish?

They’re simple and beautiful: they’re the small joys every parent knows well.

When You See Glimpses of Your Parents in Your Kids

It’s easy to see all the ways that your kids look just like you and your spouse. From the moment they’re born, you begin to marvel at the way they have your husband’s nose or your own eyes.

But one of the most wonderful small joys in life comes when you see glimpses of your parents in your kids. It’s not just in the way they look, the way their smile reminds you of your father, or the way their curls fall just like your mother’s. It’s in the way they exhibit the same kindness of spirit that your parents showed you when you were little. It’s in the way that they’re thoughtful and patient just like their grandmother.

There are thousands of glimpses like this over a lifetime. Don’t miss out on them. Pay attention to all of the little things about your kids, and you’ll be rewarded by the incredible continuing nature and beauty of humanity.

When Your Kids Seem to Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Kids are some of the most observant people you’ll ever encounter. They’re always listening, always looking, always taking the world in. Bit by bit, they begin to paint a vivid picture for themselves of who you are as a parent to them. The picture is fuzzy at first, but in time, it becomes as clear as day.

You’ll know that they have you figured out in the most jaw-dropping ways. One day, you’ll slip up and forget what you were saying or doing—and your kids will step in and fill in the blanks for you. Take that small joy for what it is: a tiny miracle.

Your kids are always looking up to you, and in those moments, they’re truly looking out for you.

When You Realize that Your Kids Don’t Need Help Doing [Insert Here]

This realization is a mixed blessing. If we all could, we’d keep our kids young, free, and safe forever. But, sadly, that’s not how time—or life—works. Time marches on, and life opens all kids up to less-than-pleasant possibilities.

If you’ve done your job as a parent well, though, this won’t matter quite so much. Your kids will be prepared to face any of the challenges life throws at them. That’s why it’s so important to recognize all of the moments when your kids don’t need help doing [insert task here, whatever that task may be: cutting their meat, riding a bike, writing a letter, getting a job; the list goes on].

That list doesn’t go on forever, unfortunately. There will come a day when you witness the last small joy of parenthood: when your kids become parents themselves. Luckily, all that means is that you get to start reliving those joys as a grandparent.

That’s the beauty of life: the small joys are endless.


  1. Diana Levy

    This is so true!! Thank you for being a great example of an amazing mother, you truly are inspiring!

  2. Natalie Sipes

    I’m in tears! Can’t wait for my first little one to get here in a few weeks. 🙂

  3. Josh


  4. Heather

    I look forward to seeing traits of my mom in my kids. I miss her so much! Thank you for this, Leslie!

  5. Shannon Dado

    You are an amazing role model, I can’t wait to be a free mom!

  6. Diane Knapp

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for being an amazing example 🙂

  7. Paul jay

    I enjoy seeing my two kids do things on their own for the first time. It’s tough for me not try take “control” of the task or situation but it’s the responsible thing to do as a parent. Thank you Leslie for the reminder to cherish these memories with our children for one day soon they will be helping their own children a little bit at a time before letting go.

  8. Ryan

    Amazing mommy!! Your kids are blessed!!

  9. Marina

    Exactly…. I completely agree with this.. I also am looking forward to your thoughts on step-parenting.. Love you Leslie..

  10. Alex Cordova

    Great insite, Leslie! I am excited to one day be blessed with kiddos of my own and experience these joys! In the mean time, it is so valuable to have women in my life who are amazing mommies. Association is everything!

  11. Carlos Zarraga

    Indeed! All truths.

  12. Melanie

    Excited to see this in action when our little one comes soon!

  13. Jocelyn

    This is awesome

  14. Julie Marsh

    Hi Leslie, Wow! I absolutely adore the word picture of your child draped around your neck as being your super hero cape. Love that!

  15. Travis Wassermann

    Great article. We only have a 16 month old currently but I can’t wait to see some of things come into being in our lives.

  16. Alicia

    So great thanks for sharing!

  17. Sue

    Love this article!
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Deborah McLeod

    I look forward to see the impact your mentorship will have on my daughter’s life!

  19. Angela

    What an amazing article. Thank you for sharing!
    They grow up way too fast.


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