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To the Parents of a Newly Blended Family: 3 Reasons Why Your Family Rocks

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Blended families sometimes get a bad rep out there. There’s advice all over the internet about how to overcome the challenges that are common in blended family life, or how to deal with the mess, complications, and exhaustion that comes with raising a blended family. But no one ever writes about how sweet it all is. Yes, raising a blended family is difficult. There are challenges to overcome every single day. But if it was easy, how would you know it was worth it?

Raising a blended family truly comes with a ton of hardships, but read on to find out the even greater joys.

There is never a dull moment

While most larger families live days full of noise, excitement, and chaos, blended families truly take this to the next level––in the most entertaining way possible. When you take two families, both with different aged kids, and put them under one roof, you’re bound for some controversy and definitely some added entertainment to everyday life. Sure, you will inevitably have to mediate arguments and tension, but when it’s all over there’s nothing to do except look back on all of the chaos with laughter and joy. Eventually all of these moments will become worth it, and your family will be closer because of it.

Your kids have more than two examples to learn from

If a blended family means one thing, it’s that everyone’s constantly learning from each other. It’s simple math, really. More family members equals more examples to watch and learn from. Your kids have the opportunity to gain other role models and influences in their life, and they will likely become much more dynamic, well-rounded, and independent men and women as a result. Not to mention, you and your spouse have the chance to experience and learn from a different family’s traditions and way of life. Essentially, establishing a blended family sets you up for a lifetime of learning from each other.

You get to establish a new blended family life together

More than anything, navigating the ups and downs of a blended family life paves the way for new family traditions and allows you to make memories together. At first, the collision of families may come as a shock with multiple breakdowns along the way. But once you’ve established rules and settle into your own version of normalcy, you have the chance to create traditions and your unique definition of family that is unlike any other. At the end of the day, you really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Among all the hardships and ruckus that is commonplace in blended families, you’ll truly find some of life’s sweetest moments––like when you overhear all of your kids laughing in another room or watching your spouse effortlessly bond with your children. That’s what makes it all worth it because, after all, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

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